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    Interested in volunteering for a worthy cause?  Great! We have just the opportunity of you!  MSCA Board Member opportunities are available! 

    If you are interested, submit your name and the position that you are interested in filling via email to  to be included on the December ballot.



    Deadline for Applicants to submit Applications of Interest is Friday November 30, 2018 


    Historian/VP of History- Chronicles the history of the Mid-South Compensation Association via the collection and preservation of MSCA memorabilia, creates and maintains a digital record of MSCA events, and have such other duties as may be assigned by the President of the Board. Preserve/Archive/Catalog all Speaker memorabilia - hard copy/digital presentations, contact information - (company, phone number, email address), photographs, date, times, locations, contact persons, and contact information. Compose a flier to disperse at events that indicates MSCA's history, activities, and upcoming events. (A historic overview/outline of MSCA- from past to present). Collect and maintain physical MSCA memorabilia to be kept in the future and maintain all physical memorabilia.


    VP of Service Events - Attends 2 career fairs (college fair and professional business fair) during the year to represent and recruit members to MSCA. Will also coordinate a volunteer activity for MSCA to participate (i.e. run/walk-a-thon) that will show us as a united team and help in the recruitment of new members.


    VP of Communications & Web Development - Responsible for developing, editing, and distributing membership communications. This includes sending out communication via the MSCA website for quarterly meetings, World@Work classes, annual seminar, and other membership activities. Works with VP of Social Media on current updates to the website. Responsible for the administration of the MSCA website including site design, maintenance, and training of new board members in conjunction with the President.


    President - shall serve as Board Chair and preside at all membership meetings and Board of Director meetings. Responsible for public communications in support of MSCA, appointing the Chair people of all standing or special committees, with the approval of the Board of Directors, and shall perform other duties as may be required by the Board of Directors.


    President Elect - shall serve as Vice-President assisting the President with his/her duties and assuming the duties of President in the absence of the President. Presides over meetings in the absence, inability, or disqualification of the President. Will conduct long-term planning regarding association operations for the following year. Plans and oversees the annual Total Rewards Seminar and in conjunction with the VP of Social Media and Networking, plans the annual Membership Appreciation Event. The President-Elect also performs other duties as may be required by the Board of Directors.  


    Apply here


Past events

30 Oct 2018 October 30, 2018 Quarterly Meeting
16 Aug 2018 MSCA Annual Total Rewards Seminar
14 Jun 2018 June 14, 2018 - Quarterly Meeting
29 Mar 2018 March 29 2017 - Quarterly Meeting
14 Dec 2017 December 2017 Quarterly Meeting
21 Sep 2017 September 21, 2017 Quarterly Meeting
30 Aug 2017 MSCA Member Appreciation Event-REDBIRDS
17 Aug 2017 MSCA Annual Total Rewards Seminar
15 Jun 2017 June 15 2017 Quarterly Meeting
16 Mar 2017 March 16 2017 - Quarterly Meeting
02 Dec 2016 December 2016 Quarterly Meeting
29 Sep 2016 MSCA Quarterly Meeting
07 Sep 2016 WorldatWork Certification Course
18 Aug 2016 MSCA Annual Total Rewards Seminar
16 Jun 2016 June 16 2016 - Quarterly Meeting
17 Mar 2016 March 17 2016 - Quarterly Meeting
24 Feb 2016 2016 W@W Course: C17: Market Pricing Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis
10 Dec 2015 December 2015 Quarterly Meeting
22 Oct 2015 October 22, 2015 - Excel Seminar-LAP TOP RENTAL
22 Oct 2015 October 22, 2015 - Excel Seminar
17 Sep 2015 September 17, 2015 - Quarterly Meeting
09 Sep 2015 W@W Course: C1: Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs
25 Jun 2015 MSCA Social Networking Event June 2015
18 Jun 2015 June 18, 2015 - Quarterly Meeting
12 Mar 2015 March 12, 2015 - Quarterly Meeting
25 Feb 2015 W@W Course: C12: Variable Pay, Improving Performance with Variable Pay
11 Dec 2014 December 2014 Quarterly Meeting
10 Dec 2014 MSCA Dinner and Discussion
23 Sep 2014 September 2014 Quarterly Meeting
10 Sep 2014 W@W Course: GR7: Global Remuneration - An Overview of Global Rewards
21 Aug 2014 MSCA Total Rewards Seminar
20 Mar 2014 2014 Quarterly Meeting
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